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What happens when you order custom clubs through us?

Here, we will help answer the most common questions regarding custom orders.



When you, as a customer, place an order with us, our goal is always to deliver to you as quickly as possible. Our ambition is to meet the delivery days specified for each product on the webshop. When you place an order, it goes directly to our order department, which handles all orders daily. Unlike others in the industry, we have direct access to our manufacturers' factories and don't need to go through internal systems to send your order to production. We process 100% of all orders on the same day they come in, usually within an hour. This applies to weekdays.

When it comes to custom orders, a crucial factor is that all the components you ordered (Head, Shaft, Grip) are in stock with the manufacturer. If all components are not available or are on their way back in stock shortly, we will contact you as a customer with a status update on components and possibly offer an alternative that is available for faster delivery. If everything is in stock with the manufacturer, we handle the order as usual, without further dialogue.



When your clubs are produced by manufacturers in the UK, they are sent to us at Customclubs.se for inspection. After inspection, we forward the goods to you as a customer. When we send packages to you, you will immediately receive an email with a tracking number so you can follow your package on its way to you. When we dispatch your goods, that is also when we activate payment with Klarna if you have chosen this as an option. If you have ordered multiple products from different manufacturers, they are likely to be delivered to us on different days. We try as much as possible to always deliver everything to you at the same time. But if we notice significant differences in delivery times, we will send it in stages to you to shorten the delivery times as much as possible.


Delivery Times

All our specified delivery times are preliminary, and we do everything in our power to meet them. We are in constant dialogue with all our manufacturers about status to keep ourselves updated on delivery times. We also try to communicate with you as a customer if anything changes along the way. Unfortunately, we cannot influence delivery times from the UK as we depend on freight companies, and we cannot offer express shipping from the manufacturer.

We are constantly doing everything we can to handle and dispatch your goods as quickly as possible. If you have further questions about your order, you are welcome to contact us via customer service or through our chat on our website.

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