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What is Shaft Tipping?


Shaft Tipping is something you can do if you want to change the shaft's properties such as flex but kickpoint and torque are also affected. The meaning of "shaft tipping or" tip trimming "is that the shaft is cut more/less from the "Tip" (At the club head) than standard and then the remaining part is cut for the right length in the "butt" (where the grip is located).


Soft Tip means the shaft becomes a little softer and with Hard/Firm Tip it become a little stiffer.

Soft Tip also makes the Torque higher and the kickpoint lower, giving a higher launch.

The opposite applies to Hard Tip, where the Torque becomes lower and the kickpoint higher, which gives a lower launch.


General change in stiffness if Shaft Tipping: (May vary depending on shaft model)



0.5" Soft

0.25 Softer Flex

1.0" Soft

0.50 Softer Flex

-0.5" Firm/Hard

0.25 Stiffer Flex

-1.0" Firm/hard

0.50 Stiffer Flex



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