Unsure of which Swingweight?


Simply explained, swingweight is about how heavy the club feels to swing. It is determined by how the weight in the club is distributed and is affected of the weight of grip, weight of shaft, weight of clubhead and length of the shaft.

Swingweight is measured from A0 to G10, where G10 is heaviest. The difference between a swing weight (D0 to D1 etc.) is about 2 grams in the clubhead. Often you have a slightly lower swingweight in the driver, & heavier down to the wedges.


Swing weight is primarily about what feeling you feel comfortable with and suits your swing. There is nothing to indicate that you will hit longer if you have a higher swing weight in the club etc.

If you want a specific swingweight, the club manufacturer will try to make the club as close to the swingweight as possible. Whether the desired swing weight can be achieved depends on the shaft, grip & length you have chosen for the club.


 NOTE! If you are unsure of which swingweight you should have, we recommend choosing standard, which is the swing weight for which the model is optimized and recommended by the manufacturer.