Unsure of which Lie angle to choose?


By adjusting the Lie angle, you can get a more accurate ball hit that fits your swing and length. If you have a "Flat" lie angle today you should order "Upright" to straighten the angle. How many degrees depend on how much angle you have, but 2 degrees is recommended to give effect.



TIP: Put masking tape under the sole and hit a few strokes to see your current lie angle. Is it the most wear on the toe, your lie is "Flat" and in the heel "Upright"


  • If you are going to adjust the shaft length from the length you have today and want to maintain your current lie angle, we recommend adjusting the club's lie angle by 1° per 0.5 inch as you adjust the shaft length.
  • NOTE! We recommend not adjusting both shaft length and lie-angle if you are unsure. Adjusting the shaft length usually affects your lie-angle (Longer = More upright, Shorter = More flat.)