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How personalize your Cobra driver

In many cases, people talk about the shaft in the club being the actual engine and the most important component when it comes to how you hit your driver. There is some truth to that, but it is the best combination of the shaft and the head, as well as the head adjustments, that can truly help you hit your best drives. One should not underestimate the possibilities of adjusting the loft/lie on the driver to achieve the best result.

Below, we show you the adjustments you can make with the Cobra MyFly hosel to optimize your game.



Eight easily adjustable loft settings allow you to manage trajectory, launch and spin. Increasing or decreasing the loft will change trajectory +/- up to 1 degree and will adjust the spin +/- up to 450 rpm, respectively.

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To adjust the loft, loosen using the wrench provided to you by inserting it into the screw on the sole.


Turn the wrench counterclockwise until the shaft can be pulled far enough from the head to allow it to rotate.


Rotate the shaft until your desired loft setting appears in the window on the hosel sleeve.


Insert the shaft back into the head and tighten the screw by turning the wrench clockwise until you hear a single, audible click.


Hopefully it's now become clearer to you how to proceed when setting up your new Cobra driver.

We wish you great luck on the course!





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